New home construction


If you ever needed an agent, it would be in purchasing a new construction or “to be built” home.

  • On site builders’ agents need not have a real estate license much less be members of the Austin Board of Realtors.
  • They are not required to abide by or negotiate within the provisions of the Texas Real Estate Licensing Act or the Realtor’s Code of Ethics.
  • Builders are not required to use the standard Texas contracts The builders’ contracts are written to protect and favor the builder.
  • The buyer is frequently unaware of the builder’s inventory, competing builder’s inventory, and concessions the builder will frequently negotiate.
  • This is truly a Buyer Beware Situation!

If you are interested in new construction homes Buyer #1 will:

  • Provide you with a complete inventory of new homes on the market including those at slab stage.
  • Provide information on Buyer #1’s favorite builders.
  • Negotiate firmly on your behalf, to include but not limited to:
  1. Contract Language/Provisions
  2. Price and Upgrades
  3. Concessions including mortgage discount points and other cost savings
  4. Completion date & inspections

Note: Reputable builders prefer that the buyer be represented by his/her own agent.

They will not lower the sales price if you don’t have an agent!

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