Buyer Beware!


Did you know that real estate listings do not belong to the listing agent, but, to the listing real estate company!

That no agent of a given company could represent you on any listing the company possesses since the company has a listing contract with (and represents) the seller!

Thus, you could be working with a so called “buyer’s agent” from a company that has 300 listings and “your” agent could absolutely not represent you in acquiring any of these homes! Would you want to see some of these homes? Of course! Would they want to show them to you? Of course!

At this point the so called “buyer’s agent” could only drop back and offer you Intermediary status and would serve as an intermediary along with the other company agent between you and the seller. The agent is no longer “your” agent and could no longer put your interests first!

Who could show you all properties on the market including For Sale By Owners? An exclusive buyer’s agent who does not take listings and doesn’t even have the appearance of a conflict of interest in representing YOU!

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